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It’s about liberating, exciting, friendships, commitment, progress and rewarding

Services We Provide


Group I:

◦ Fitness
◦ Bodybuilding
◦ Crossfit


Group II:

◦ Physiotherapy exercises - recovery from injuries
◦ Exercises with pregnant women
◦ Exercises with people suffering from chronic diseases


Group III:

◦ Slimming
◦ A set of muscle mass
◦ Muscular relief
◦ body functionality
◦ Improved sense of balance


Group IV:

◦ Nutrition counseling
◦ Consultation on sports nutrition and supplements

Get A Perfect Body

I believe in training with intensity, eating to fuel your body and having fun while doing it.
If you’re not enjoying fitness… what’s the point?!

Make Your Body Harmonic

Optimal Diet

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Group & Personal Trainings

Weight Loss

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Melech Henderson

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Ihor Fedirko

Certified personal fitness trainer10 years of fitness experience10 years in Special ForcesCertified trainer. ISSA USAFounder. Sports NGOTel: +41796557061Email: moc.liamg%40rohi.okridefLanguages: Eng, Fr, Ukr, Rus

My certificates


Personal Training


First Aid Certificate


Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training Services



As your coach, I ensure that you execute each exercise properly to maximize results and minimize injury.


Customized Planning

Customized training plans are tailored to meet your specific goals, while maximizing results and minimizing injuries.



Each workout is organized and planned prior to your appointment, so that when you arrive at the studio you already know what to do.



Certified personal trainer identify your specific fitness needs and create a plan for you to efficiently.



I take pride in keeping up to speed on the latest science and technology information associated with health.


Results Measurement

Every 6-8 weeks (depending on your program), I provide a comprehensive progress report

My Story

It’s not about quick fixes – it’s about healthy lifestyle for a lifetime!
Hi, I'm Ihor

I am a Lausanne based Fitness Professional. With 10+ years of experience in teaching, training and continuing my education, I have transformed tens of lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.

Outside of the gym, I am also a Co-Founder in Sport NGO, Director and Consultant. Somewhere along the way, I became and thanks to my background in Special Forces, Social work and huge volunteer experience, I started teaching fitness and motivating people in 2008.

I use my communication background to educate and motivate people towards a healthier life – one that embraces movement and getting a handle on their nutrition.

It’s about liberating, exciting, friendships, commitment, progress and rewarding.


Benefits of Personal Training

What to Expect

1. Goal Achievement:
◦ helps you define personal fitness goals;
◦ helps you focus on smaller and realistic goals;
◦ accompanies you during the progress to these goals;

2. Personalized Workout:
◦ creates a specific workout plan designed for you;
◦ tailors personalized plan that meet your goals, needs, and allowances;
◦ designs a training plan considering your current physical fitness and medical history;
◦ makes adjustments to the program if you have an injury, bad back or knees;

3. Direct attention:
◦ considers your personality to find the key to motivation;
◦ cheers you up during training and calms you down after fails;
◦ reduces the chance of injury;
◦ provides feedback to all your questions during sessions;
◦ support good habits formation.

And that’s not all!


We offer pleasant bonuses for those who order training packs.
Get extra benefits for each 12 sessions in your pack: + diet pack included; + 2 private nutrition sessions; + 2 coaching sessions offered; +2 jiu-jitsu / boxing / Thai boxing training sessions.
Hence, the more sessions you buy - the less you actually pay for each one ...

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    ... For example, having ordered 12 sessions pack for 129 CHF per session you will actually get 16 sessions for the same price, which means you pay 97 CHF for each training. 
    Furthermore, with every pack, you get personalized diet prescription and 2 private nutrition sessions. See yourself what you get having ordered 36 sessions pack.

    We understand that not everyone who wishes for high-quality workout can afford one.

As such, we suggest our clients a few ways to save money:

    Friendship: Bringing a friend along you will pay only 70 CHF for each for a 50-minute session
    Mini-trainings: Order 30-minutes session instead of 50-minutes and pay only 70 CHF
    Extra-economy: Bringing a friend and getting 30-minutes sessions will cost you only 40 CHF for each of you

What Clients Say

What Clients Say

Ihor encourages you and pushes you to achieve your potential. I’ve seen great results over the past few months! His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear.

Fabricio MartinsJiu-Jitsu Black Belt, Europe Champion

Take your first step to the body of your dreams


How Soon Can I See Results from a Personal Trainer?

1. Training for Strength and MassIf you've previously been working out, noticeable results might take a little longer to manifest, because your body is used to strength training. Expect results in about four to six weeks.Gaining strength and mass also depends on your diet. Your trainer may suggest particular foods or supplements that have the potential to speed up your gains.
2. Training For Fat LossBeginners often see more rapid changes in their physique as their bodies respond to novel stimuli. Assuming you're sticking to a calorie-controlled diet and working hard in your cardio and strength-training sessions, you could see fat loss of up to 3 pounds per week in the beginning. As your fitness level increases, fat loss will taper off a bit.

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    ... On average, you'll drop 1 to 2 pounds a week, seeing noticeable results in three to six weeks. As with strength training, your trainer may suggest foods pertinent to fat loss that can help you reach your goals faster.
    3. Training On Your OwnDepending on how many times a week you meet with your trainer, you may need to work out on your own a few days a week. Your results are dependent on your ability to be consistent and work your hardest in each session. If you show up regularly and do the work, you will see results faster than if you skip workouts or do them halfheartedly.
    4. Intangibles and X-FactorsTypically, the more intense the program is, the faster the results. But intensity is not suitable for many people. Your results also depend on your trainer's knowledge and effectiveness. Choose a trainer with a proven track record for getting results, and you'll get results.

Real People, Real Results 








Get a free testing session

It includes: full tour of the gym to get you familiar with the general setup and the full capabilities of the equipment for training (machines) and individual gym areas. postural check (recognize postural deviations);12-minute cycling test; assessments for flexibility; push-ups test;sit ups test; abdominals test;balance test.
During all tests, I will closely monitor the pulse and i will measure: rest heart rate; target heart rate (Kavornen);maximum heart rate (low/high); recovery heart ratebasal metabolic rate; body mass index.
During the tests, I will find out what type of training is the most suitable for you: visual domain, auditory domain or kinesthetic / tactile domain.



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I work 7 days a week:
Monday - Friday: 7:00 – 20:30
Saturday - Sunday 9:00 – 18:00

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